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Gusto & OpenComp Partnership - Compensation Data for SMBs

|By Thanh Nguyen


I couldn’t be more excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Gusto to empower SMBs to instantly benchmark payroll data, make competitive compensation decisions, and answer the toughest pay questions. 

Starting today, OpenComp’s enterprise-grade compensation data, analytics, and tools — and our newest offering, OpenCompliance - CA Pay Data Edition — are available for free to all Gusto users, and paid access to our Compensation Intelligence Platform is 30% off for the first 30 days. This offer ends May 25th at midnight PST.

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Why the Gusto & OpenComp Partnership Matters

Gusto is an industry pioneer in serving the 27M hard-working small businesses that produce more than 50% of our nation’s GDP. Gusto has set the standard for helping people use their work to improve their lives (Gusto’s mission) — to gain peace of mind, a great place to work, and personal prosperity in the process (Gusto’s values). 

One of the most significant ways to change lives is through compensation, so OpenComp’s mission is a natural complement to Gusto’s work – creating clarity at the point of every pay decision. The demand for equitable, scalable and transparent compensation — and compliance — has never been more important to SMBs and their teams than it is right now.

Market economics have laser-focused every board, investor, and executive on spending effectively (and pay is typically the largest company cost). Meanwhile, more than 9 of 10 of CEOs say pay equity is a top priority. Employees demand it. And pay transparency laws complicate compliance literally every day, with regulations in 23 different cities and states already — and 17 more with pending laws. 

If you get it wrong, you lose your top performers… maybe even your business.

For all of these reasons, it is an honor to partner with Gusto to empower this mighty segment of the U.S. economy with compensation software designed for retention and compliance.

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What the Gusto & OpenComp Integration Provides

As of today, Gusto customers can access OpenComp’s powerful compensation software directly through the Gusto portal. After creating a free OpenComp account and connecting their Gusto data via HRIS integration, users instantly gain superpowers that survey data, spreadsheets, and consultants can’t provide — and with a lot less work. 

In minutes with OpenComp's compensation software, Gusto customers can:

  • Search OpenComp's dataset of >6K customers & 4K roles in 41 countries & 18 industries
  • Better understand pay competitiveness vs. similar companies
  • Let AI match & level jobs with 95% accuracy
  • Understand which pay transparency regulations impact their business
  • Rapidly and accurately prepare pay data reports 

Our newest offering, OpenCompliance - CA Pay Data Edition, is also available to Gusto customers with >100 employees, at least one of whom lives in California. The free tool ingests compensation data from Gusto, pinpoints any needed changes, and rapidly prepares accurate pay data reports for submission before May 10, 2023, as required by the state of California.

For a limited time, Gusto customers also may upgrade to OpenComp’s compensation design and activation tools at 30% off. OpenComp’s end-to-end compensation management platform dramatically simplifies otherwise difficult tasks like pay range creation, merit cycle management, DEI analysis, and more. And OpenComp's suite of compensation management tools ensure Gusto user teams make intelligent pay decisions every time.


Benefits Gusto Customers Can Expect from OpenComp

Like the rest of OpenComp’s customers, Gusto users will amplify retention, pay equity, and fiscal security. They’ll have access to free tools to stay compliant in California, and the Gusto-OpenComp integration will update their payroll data in real-time. 

OpenComp customers reduce attrition and wage gaps 87% and 75%, respectively, while raising 34% more funding than their peers.

Gusto customers, welcome to the OpenComp family! 

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