gender parity
across the team


gender representation
across executives


gender pay parity
on last inspection

We're growing!

A lot has happened since Salesforce’s founding HR team co-founded OpenComp in January 2021.

$4.6M seed led by TIME Ventures

$20M Series A led by JP Morgan

Over 3,000 customers 

50+ employees

Plans to double the team in 2022

The end of compensation confusion.

We believe compensation doesn’t have to be a source of anxiety or mistrust. We’re on a mission to give employers and employees the compensation intelligence that they need to make the best business and career decisions — and have a trusting relationship that lasts.

We envision a future where employees and employees bring openness, inclusivity, and fairness to life — together. In this world, companies evaluate compensation performance as a topline measure of business health, and OpenComp the standard they rely on.

Our Values

We're better together

We say it
like it is

Actions >

We do good
as we do well.

Being a social enterprise has shaped our company, product, and community from Day 1.

  • Launched OPEN Imperative in 2022
  • Moonshot goal: end gender pay disparity by 2027
  • 250 members and counting
  • Other big announcements are coming soon!
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We're remote
and connected.

  • We pay San Francisco salaries, regardless of where you live. 
  • We're permanently remote! 
  • We invest heavily in bringing our people together throughout the year.