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Compensation intelligence that powers scale

Operate smarter, retain high performers longer, and build an equitable workforce with OpenComp.

Industry leaders use OpenComp

Unleash your dream team

Empower your people to power your business



Balance competitive and fair pay with managing burn and dilution with OpenComp's integrated, real-time system and intelligent planning tools. 



Give decision makers insights when they need them. OpenComp helps managers hire, retain, and handle offers and adjustments like a pro.



Close candidates easier and faster. With OpenComp, recruiters know exactly how offers compare to market and pay fairly & consistently.


HR & Comp

Trade stale data, siloed spreadsheets, and manual processes for operational efficiency and excellence with OpenComp’s integrated solutions.

How it works

Your path to compensation clarity

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See how your team's compensation stacks up, and run cost-to-market analyses to understand potential changes.

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Pay ranges

In three clicks, build expert-grade salary bands that balance cash and equity, incorporate location rules, and apply remote pay policies. 

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Geo strategy

Easily adopt and apply remote pay policies that power today’s fastest-growing organizations.

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Headcount planning

Model cash & equity burn for any scenario your business may face, and evaluate how pay competitively while managing burn & dilution.

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Pay equity insights (or analysis)

View dashboards to see DEI performance across your company, job levels, and by department to spot discrepancies and take early action.

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Activation & insights

Roll out your program, empowering decision makers with a compensation calculator, executive scorecards, and more.

Your biggest area of spend needs data science.
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scaling right matters

The surest way to extend runway 

Your compensation decisions today have big implications for your future. OpenComp helps growth companies scale confidently and consistently.

Frequently asked questions

Where does your compensation data come from?

OpenComp data comes directly from our thousands of customers.

We do not buy outside data, and unlike many other providers, we do not utilize surveys that usually have out-of-date and inaccurately reported compensation data.

The OpenComp data set is unmatched in its specificity to small and medium businesses. Every input undergoes rigorous vetting from a team of compensation experts.

How to Differentiate Between Good & Bad Comp Data

What stages of funding are in your data set?

Our data represents private and public companies of all sizes in nearly 50 countries around the world, across almost two dozen industries. When you use OpenComp, you can be sure that you are building a compensation strategy that's as competitive as possible with companies like yours. 

What is a compensation strategy?

How often is your data refreshed?

Unlike traditional compensation data providers that update annually, our benchmarks are refreshed on an ongoing basis, giving you access to a perfect blend of up-to-date information and data accuracy.

We integrate with 20+ HRIS and equity management providers to automate compensation data entry and update your data and insights daily. This ensures you have the most timely compensation intelligence at your fingertips to conserve cash, ensure pay equity, and keep high performers.

Compensation Benchmarking for Startups: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

How many companies in XYZ location can we compare to?

All of our benchmarks are statistically significant and accurate. We do not report locations where we cannot guarantee statistical significance and accuracy.

Simplify decision making with automated data intelligence

How many HRIS providers do you integrate with?

OpenComp integrates with 20+ HRIS and equity management providers. Simply access your admin console, click on the Sync Employees tab, and select your provider. The system will guide your integration process from there.

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