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Get Free Compensation Benchmark Data

Benchmark pay and model changes with today’s best compensation data, benchmarks and analytics. Users change only 5% of auto-benchmarked roles and levels.

OpenComp testimonials on how we help organizations decide how much to pay their people.

Compensation Intelligence Platform

OpenComp's compensation software brings clarity to every pay decision for HR & people leaders, recruiters, managers, candidates, and employees.


Market Pulse

See how your company pays versus your peers, view the latest market data, and confidently model changes. 

  • Auto-benchmark with 95% accuracy
  • Search through 3,400+ roles
  • Compare your competitiveness within your industry


Comp Design Studio

Model, create, and configure compensation programs optimized for competitiveness and financial health.

  • Create pay ranges
  • Manage distributed workforces 
  • Plan headcount
  • Perform DEI analysis 


Activation Hub

User-friendly tools improve communication and policy enforcement with recruiters, managers, and employees.

  • Run smoother merit and bonus cycles
  • Share total reward statements with employees
  • Deliver more effective job offers
  • Generate competitive, on-budget offers