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One software platform for every compensation need.

Modernize your compensation program in hours. Answer the toughest pay questions in seconds.

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The Problem

Compensation Confusion

Businesses have been forced to make suboptimal decisions every day with their largest source of spend: compensation, perpetuating unfair pay practices that employees don’t understand.


Market survey data is stale before it’s even published


Comp data lives in siloed systems across many teams


Convoluted plan design in spreadsheets is dangerously manual


Managers lack insights and tools to activate comp’s strategy

Sound familiar? Companies like Allbirds, Headspace and TaskRabbit get fresh compensation insights daily with OpenComp.

The Solution

Compensation Clarity

Our compensation software provides the right data and insights every time someone makes a pay decision with benchmarking, design and activation tools.


Market data from any source that’s normalized and indexed daily


Integrated systems for comp plan modeling, design and configuration


Consumer-grade tools to activate compensation in the field


Analytics & insights to track plan performance and trends over time


Pay is different. OpenComp is how you adapt.

OpenComp gives you and your team compensation superpowers that survey data, spreadsheets, and consultants can't, with a lot less work.

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Market Pulse

Get up-to-the-minute compensation benchmarking driven by fresh data and generative AI

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Design Studio

Craft a compensation program that works for every circumstance and person

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Activation Hub

Launch and manage dynamic, fair, fully enforced compensation plans


Get real results, fast.

We're helping companies modernize their approach to compensation.


accuracy in auto-benchmarking roles and levels


reduction in merit cycle length


increase in employee retention

Your key to growth

How Compensation Intelligence Works

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