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Benchmark Compensation with Market Pulse

See how your company pays versus your peers and confidently model changes with today’s best compensation data, benchmarks and analytics.

Used by Industry Leaders

Unify your systems

Gain a Single Source of Truth

Eliminate stale compensation data and siloed systems. Market Pulse aggregates today’s most trustworthy compensation data and benchmarks into one virtuous system with:

  • HRIS & equity provider integrations
  • Real-time market indexing & normalization
  • Automated program updates



Build a Solid Foundation

Trust Your Benchmarks 100%

Traditional compensation data sources suffer lagging information, poor quality control, and data blind spots. Market Pulse gives you:

  • Continuously updated market data
  • AI-powered job architecture & leveling
  • Benchmarks calibrated by machine learning & reviewed by experts

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Surface Actionable Insights

All the data in the world means nothing if it’s not actionable. Market Pulse does the heavy lifting for you with:

  • A custom market analysis 
  • Individual role queries 
  • Automated cost-to-market calculations
  • Scenario modeling for company, department, and employees
  • Filters for total cash, OTE, and equity

Market Pulse Features

See how you pay relative to your peers.

Unlock the power of compensation intelligence.
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Benefits You Can Expect

Companies that optimize compensation spend with OpenComp drive better business outcomes.


Higher employee retention


Offer acceptance, 18% above industry average


More funding raised

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Unlock the power of compensation intelligence.
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