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Podcasts by OpenComp

Designing HR with A Business Lens
Clear HR Communication During Change
A VC Tells All: The Relationship Between Compensation & Business Health
How Global Leaders Operationalize Pay Equity
Preparing for A Company Exit (& What Employees Need to Know About Equity)
Cracking the Recruiting Code
Designing a Human-Centered Organization
How to Run the Most Excellent Merit Cycle Possible
The State of Compensation in Q4 2022
How to Move Forward After a Reduction in Force (RIF)
Series B & C: How do you scale a good business that does good?
The Founder Perspective: Balancing Profitability & Pay Transparency
How To Make Talent Acquisition Strategic, Internationally
How a Series A Company Decreased Time to Hire by 32%
How Corporate Boards Can Solve the Pay Equity Issue
A Strategic Approach to DEIBA
Finding Your Voice: What Chief People Officers Need from Comp Data
The CHRO’s Checklist: Preparing for Pay Transparency in CA
How To Be A Lean & Highly Effective HR Machine... And Have Fun
Designing an employee experience that earns 4.8 stars on Glassdoor
2023 Trend Watch: 4 Changes Every HR Professional Needs to Plan For
The Nancy Podcast: The Past, Present & Future of HR, Philanthropy & Mentorship
HR Survival Tips for Going Global While Raising Multiple Rounds
Redefining gender equity with Amy Cross
5 Compensation Sins with Kyle Murphy
What Employers Need to Know About Pay Legislation
Compensation Planning 101 for Growth Businesses
Reimagining the Executive Search Experience for Everyone Involved
HR Secrets for Successfully Supporting Sales Teams During Hypergrowth
How HR Can Support a Thriving Inside Sales Organization
The Art of Failing Fast & Learning From it in HR
Building a Better Relationship Between HR and Finance
Democratizing Compensation Data & Benefits in the Workplace
How to Design Recruiting to Support Retention
Creating Pay Equity in the Workplace
Leading Teams Through Market Shifts

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