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Understanding Pay Equity - Accelerate Your Organization to the Next Level

By OpenComp


Should salary, or range of salary, be disclosed in job descriptions? 

What is pay compression, and how does it impact a growing organization? 

How can employers find, communicate and be transparent about pay equity? 


OpenComp CEO and Co-founder Thanh D. Nguyen answers these questions and more in his conversation with William Tincup on the latest episode of The Use Case Podcast on As Thanh says:


 "Understanding pay equity within your organization is the difference between companies that really accelerate — and organizations that will drop out post-pandemic."


You will learn:

  • How founders get + keep top talent with pay equity
  • How high-growth companies expertly manage burn and still prioritize pay equity
  • How startup CEOs keep dilution low
  • How business leaders ensure pay equity no matter what
  • How to involve your boards and investors in pay equity

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