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Most salary calculators report inaccurate, stale information. PayChecked gives you access to the real-time compensation data that employers use.

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A base salary doesn’t include commissions, bonus Or equity.

All shared information will be kept confidential. The more specific your answers, the more accurate your salary report.

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Share your current (or desired!) job title and salary to see how competitively you’re paid.

How does
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We compare your information with our database of 5000+ employers in 41 countries and 18 industries. It’s that simple.


Why is OpenComp's data the best?

Unlike other salary calculators, our data imports directly from employer systems in real-time, and every data point is verified.
Data across 6K+ industry-leading employers

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No - we aren’t trying to sell you anything! (We sell compensation software for employers!) This salary calculator exists because OpenComp believes pay shouldn’t be confusing or unfair, and that employers and employees should have equal access to the same information about pay.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PayChecked Tool?

While many online salary databases exist for employees to check salaries, such sites use self-reported, unverified data sources that don't accurately reflect real-time, employer market data. Because companies of different industries and sizes compensate very differently, employee and candidate expectations are often misaligned with employers.

OpenComp’s free salary calculator – PayChecked – empowers anyone to compare their salary and bonuses against market-validated compensation data, specific to job role, location, industry and more. Users can unlock personalized results, view salary trends over time, and sign up for future alerts.

Salary negotiations have always been a broken system, and information asymmetry between employer and employee has been one of the biggest causes. With PayChecked, employees and candidates have the same best-in-class market data, so they can build trusting relationships with employers from day one.

The more specific your answers are will improve the accuracy of your salary report. It’s that simple

How does the Top Searches feature work?

Top searches represent the most common queries in Paychecked. Consider these salary trends as anonymous queries — for the people by the people.

Any information you share with us will be kept confidential.

Where does your salary data come from?

OpenComp data comes directly from our thousands of customers.

We do not buy outside data, and unlike many other providers, we do not utilize surveys that usually have out-of-date and inaccurately reported compensation data.

The OpenComp data set is unmatched in its specificity to small and medium businesses. Every input undergoes rigorous vetting from a team of compensation experts.

How to Differentiate Between Good & Bad Comp Data

How often is your data refreshed?

Unlike traditional compensation data providers that update annually, our benchmarks are refreshed on an ongoing basis, giving you access to a perfect blend of up-to-date information and data accuracy.

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