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How-To: Pay a Remote Team in OpenComp

A practical guide for using OpenComp to effortlessly apply a remote pay program that optimizes for competitiveness and spend. 

If your team works in multiple locations, you compete for talent in many markets. To win and retain that talent, while managing burn, you need a rock solid remote-pay plan.

Manual calculations and siloed systems might tempt you to simplify your plan at the expense of minimizing burn. But you don’t need to make those tradeoffs. This how-to guide explains how to use OpenComp’s Compensation Intelligence Platform to:

  1. Choose a location-based pay strategy that optimizes for competitiveness while minimizing burn and dilution.
  2. Create a customized location-based compensation plan that supports your organization’s unique goals. 
  3. Establish a culture of trust and transparency with a well-defined pay program.