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OpenComp’s Definitive Guide to Compensation Clarity

Everything HR leaders need to thrive in the new era of Adaptive Transparency.


There’s never been a brighter spotlight on HR.

CEOs expect HR to deliver strategic plans that support a company's goals and growth, empowering the business to hire and keep high performers.

Finance asks HR to justify headcount plans as layoffs rock industries and investors tighten purse strings. 

Managers want to know how to explain annual raises and merit cycle adjustments that don’t come close to matching the rate of inflation. 

Regulators require proof that a company is complying with the complex web of new pay transparency laws.

Workers demand assurance that a company pays fairly. 

In other words, everyone wants transparency. To succeed, HR leaders must know how to deliver exactly the right information to the right audience at the right time. We call that Adaptive Transparency.

Our Definitive Guide to Compensation Clarity outlines the essential steps companies can take to: 

  • Design & activate a compensation strategy that’s exponentially better at directing resources and setting priorities
  • Get and stay compliant with pay laws
  • Win employee trust and loyalty

Compensation Clarity Guide

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”With rapid growth and hiring, we use OpenComp to give our team the pay equality they deserve.”
Annie Vasishta
Team Experience Lead at Landed