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Empower Your People with Activation Hub

Heads of Human Resources invest a lot in crafting compensation programs. Activation Hub unleashes that investment in the field, clearly guiding every compensation decision with consumer-grade insights and tools.

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Enrich every compensation decision

Activate Compensation In The Field

Traditionally, even the best compensation plans fall flat because managers and recruiters lack information to stay on-policy. Get insights in their hands at exactly the right time with tools like:

  • User permissions
  • Intelligent offer creation 
  • Automated merit cycle approvals


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Deliver tools everyone loves

Invest In Talent & Retention

Empower managers & recruiters to attract and retain high performers, and give employees & candidates confidence that they’re paid fairly and consistently with tools to:

  • Generate competitive, on-budget offers
  • Benchmark cash & equity for unique roles 
  • Clearly explain how compensation compares to market and organization pay ranges

Leave analog processes behind

Simplify & Automate Comp Administration

Archaic spreadsheets and surveys don’t belong in the modern business. Streamline and speed compensation management with:

  • A fully integrated, continuously updated platform
  • Predictive alerts
  • Automated approvals, and workflows
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Activation Hub Features

What ensures your team has clarity for every compensation decision

Unlock the power of compensation intelligence.
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Results You Can Expect

Companies that optimize compensation spend with OpenComp drive better business outcomes.


Higher employee retention


Offer acceptance, 18% above industry average


More funding raised

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Unlock the power of compensation intelligence.
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