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Inclusive companies enjoy higher revenue and faster growth, and 87% less attrition. But if that’s the case, why do women still make $0.82 to every $1 earned by men?


No group is better positioned to lead change in gender pay than investors.

Introducing OPEN Imperative

OPEN Imperative (Organizations for Pay Equity Now) is a rapidly expanding coalition of hundreds of high-growth founders and CEOs. Together, we’re driving outcomes to end gender pay disparity in our organizations.

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Pay equity means better business

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Let's eliminate gender pay disparity in the pre-IPO market by 2027.

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Meet our advisors

The OPEN Imperative’s esteemed advisors represent leading subject matter experts in business, think tanks, non-profits, and media.


Traunza Adams 

Chief People Officer, H1


Amy Cross

Founder, Gender Fair


Noreen Farrell 

Executive Director, Equal Rights Advocates


Dr. Nicole Mason

President & CEO, Institute for Women’s Policy Research


Sheri Kelleher

SVP People and Places, Incorta


Emily Sweet

VP, Social Impact, OpenComp

“Good intentions about gender pay equality are no longer enough. Top founders and company builders now focus on measurable outcomes."

Matthew Harrigan, CEO of Company Ventures

“The OPEN Imperative is about bringing leaders together who want to see outcomes that drive social change as well as make their businesses more competitive and responsible."

Aisha Stephenson, former CPO, Emerson Collective

“Fair pay is a core part of Ribbon Home’s approach to compensation. We are excited to join the OPEN Imperative, to share this and other best practices with the group and learn from other innovative compensation leaders."

Maggie Mannion, Senior Manager of People Operations, Ribbon Home

“Equal pay legislation dates back to 1963. We’ve been talking about this problem for long enough. It's time for totally new approaches that guarantee transparent and fair pay for all."

Amy Cross, Founder, Gender Fair

“The U.S. gender pay gap has barely budged in the past 15 years, and good intentions are no longer enough. Systemic change can only happen when CEOs and company leaders champion institutional change from the top down. We started OPEN Imperative to push past giving lip service to DEI, and together we will educate founders on the need to address pay equity and activate them to act."

Thanh Nguyen, CEO and co-founder of OpenComp and a founding partner in the OPEN Imperative

“This is about attracting better talent, empowering and keeping empowered high-performers longer, and creating a better and more equitable culture."

Nancy Connery, CEO, Connery Consulting & Salesforce employee #5

“Prioritizing the human is a core value at Landed. With rapid growth and hiring, we safeguard against inequity creeps around gender, racial ethnicity, age and more [to] give our team the pay equality they deserve."

Annie Vasishta, Team Experience Lead, Landed

“When you say I'm tying something to compensation, what you do is you signal that the thing is really important."

Aparna Rae, Cofounder, Moving Beyond

“Businesses are on the front lines of making decisions every day that impact women’s lives. I joined OPEN Imperative because I believe that empowering founders and CEOs will overcome existing roadblocks to gender pay equity. Together, we will accelerate progress to close the gender pay gap."

Dr. C. Nicole Mason

“This moonshot goal is bold, necessary, and exactly what is needed. I'm excited to work with high growth companies and support their efforts to get pay equity right from the beginning."

Noreen Farrell, Executive Director, Equal Rights Advocates

“We know that global pay equity can be a tough nut to crack, but closing the pay gap at your company is something you can own, and you don’t have to do this alone."

Traunza Adams, Chief People Officer, H1