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Shifting to Remote Pay

| Aug 6, 2021 8:04:11 AM | By

Deciding when and if to bring employees back to the office could not be a higher stakes decision for people leaders and executive management right now. But as they opt for a hybrid approach, many also overlook a critical piece of the puzzle: adjusting their compensation strategy for remote pay.


Companies who get compensation in this new normal don’t just keep and attract the best talent by ensuring equitable remote pay, regardless of location, organizations grow faster.


If you are struggling to get started with remote pay, or just need to fine-tune your programs, this field guide will improve how you implement and maintain a remote pay strategy for your hybrid workforce.



Download this guide to learn how to:

  • Use data to support your competitive analysis and overall strategy
  • Design a winning compensation philosophy
  • Model remote pay and hybrid work scenarios for optimum business outcomes 
  • Effectively communicate your remote pay compensation strategy


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