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Introducing OPEN Summit

Join us on March 1, 2023 for our inaugural thought leadership conference for innovative company and people leaders, investors, and media who care about eliminating pay inequity and pioneering pay transparency. Hosted by OPEN Imperative and OpenComp, the virtual event features industry-leading experts and influencers whose real talk will share insights you can use today.

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Why Does Equal Pay Matter?

From hiring to retention, companies with equal pay initiatives in place reap the rewards of those programs in nearly all aspects of their business. 

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About OPEN Imperative


OPEN Imperative is a rapidly expanding coalition of 100s of CEOs & business leaders. Our moonshot goal is to bridge the gender pay gap in our organizations by 2027. We believe pay equity means better business: attracting top talent, keeping high-performers longer, and building better businesses.

About OpenComp

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Employers and employees use OpenComp to get clarity at the point of every compensation decision, pioneering a new standard for how people are paid. With OpenComp’s Compensation Intelligence Platform, business and HR leaders optimize compensation programs with benchmarking, design and activation tools. Managers, recruiters, employees and candidates use OpenComp to make the best compensation decisions for themselves and their teams.