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Executive Compensation Best Practices

Executives play a crucial role in the success — or failure — of a company. Get their pay right!

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There’s no question that executives play a crucial role in the success — or failure — of a company.

In fact, venture capitalists surveyed by Stanford said the abilities of a founder and management team influence their decisions to invest more than product or technology.

Compensation is a central part of where any leader decides where to work. But executive compensation is about more than presenting a bigger number than the competition. It's a complex balance of satisfying boards, protecting finances, investing in culture, and planning for future stages.

Master executive pay and you’ll boost your chances of attracting top talent to propel your company forward. Get executive compensation wrong, and you’ll suffer in finance, culture, and morale – with effects that echo for years.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to get executive compensation right, common mistakes and pitfalls to avoid, and opportunities for growth.

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