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OpenComp Launches High Growth Matters Community

, | Feb 24, 2022 5:00:00 AM | By

Today, I am thrilled to publicly announce the beta launch of High Growth Matters, a trusted, invite-only community for CEOs and founders building today’s modern companies. High-growth executives can request to join High Growth Matters here.


What Matters to High-Growth CEOs

It’s no secret that today’s CEOs are hungry to grow their companies better, faster, and in an inclusive way. Growth remains the #1 CEO priority, with digital capabilities in second place. Over half of CEOs say talent is a top priority — from attracting/retaining the best people, responding to new work paradigms, and addressing gender, ethnic, and racial representation.


No group is better positioned to meet the moment when armed with benchmarks, case studies, and access to relevant experts. 


High Growth Matters: A Slack Community For CEOs, By CEOs

High Growth Matters is rapidly becoming an exclusive, trusted community for founders and CEOs from the world’s fastest-growing companies. 


CEOs who request to join High Growth Matters will receive the following:


  • Access to World-leading Experts
    Collaborate directly with global experts in issues facing high-growth companies
  • Networking with Serial Founders
    Connect with other leaders who have navigated the road ahead with rapid scale
  • Highly Curated Resources for CEOs
    Receive advanced access to ultra-curated research, case studies and benchmarks to ensure peak performance 


OpenComp customers will also gain 24/7 access to industry-leading customer support, product feedback, and early access to product drops. 


Together, we’re accelerating outcomes that are good for our businesses and teams. 


Join Us Today



Caitlin Allen is VP Marketing at OpenComp and has served in similar roles at Happy Returns, Lyft, and Andreessen Horowitz. She also writes about topics including marketing, sales compensation, and happiness. Connect with her on LinkedIn here.